Editorial policy

Our standard editorial process makes our content a reliable source of Health information. However, all the information published on DentalFord is for informational purposes only to spread awareness, you can’t take it as a substitute for medical advice. If you have any health issues, you should contact a qualified medical practitioner.

Why is our content Reliable?

We publish content based on scientific evidence and published research studies in well-known journals, and written and medically reviewed by qualified and registered subject matter medical or Health experts. We cite credible sources that we use in our research of content to prove its authenticity. This maintains accuracy and authenticity of published content on DentalFord.COM.

Our content is easy to understand by people and we try to simplify content for our readers without changing the context of the topics. 

We never publish biased content, we publish content that is supported by research, facts and expertise of relevant health professionals. We differentiate promotional and sponsored content by labeling it as “sponsored” or “advertisement” that helps readers to trust and differentiate content.

All these things made us a trustworthy and reliable source of information.

What is Our Mission?

Our aim is to establish Oral health awareness among people. We are putting continuous effort towards making DentalFord a resourceful and reliable blog that covers Oral Health education to make people aware about Oral health and various dental problems.

We contribute to the Health topics to make people understand health with ease and clarity. All the topics published on the DentalFord follow strict medical editorial guidelines.

We are committed to serve you well researched, fact-checked, accurate content supported by expertise of doctors.

Medical/Health Article Update Policy

To ensure our medical and health articles contain the most current and accurate information, we follow these guidelines for reviewing and updating article content:

Periodic Review Schedule

All medical and health articles will undergo a full editorial review at least once every 6 months. During this review, all facts, statistics, recommendations, and guidelines will be checked against the latest research and guidance from authoritative medical sources.

Expedited Updates

For any major new research findings, treatment guideline changes, disease outbreaks, or other critical health updates, articles relating to those topics will be prioritized for expedited review and updating as needed. Our editorial team closely monitors trusted medical organizations and journals for such developments.

Source Requirements

All medical claims, statistics, treatment information, etc. must be sourced from highly credible and authoritative third-party publications such as peer-reviewed journals, government health agencies, professional medical associations, or university-led research studies. Sources will be clearly cited.

Expert Review

Articles covering complex medical conditions or procedures will undergo review by a practicing physician, specialist, or other relevant expert in that field prior to publication or re-publication after a major update.

Feedback Process

We encourage feedback from readers, medical professionals, patient groups and others if any information seems outdated or requires correction. All such feedback will be promptly reviewed and addressed.

By adhering to this policy, we aim to provide internet users with medical and health information that is as accurate, evidence-based, and current as possible. You can submit your feedback on our contact us page with subject “Feedback”