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Welcome to DentalFord. It is a platform where you get information about Dental problems and Oral health. We will explain all the topics related to Oral health on this platform in a simple manner so a maximum number of people take advantage of it.

Our aim is to make you aware of various dental problems and ways to avoid them with proper Dental care.  We will try to keep the information easily understandable. A website is created to keep misinformation at bay. We believe that everyone is supposed to know the right things about Oral Health.

Why DentalFord?

DentalFord.com takes health content seriously and our content is supported by the expertise of doctors, recent research, and facts, which makes it a reliable source of information.




All the information on the DentalFord.COM website is for educational purposes only to make you aware, you can’t take it as a substitute for medical advice. If you are facing any health issues it is advised to take direct Medical help from medical professionals immediately.

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Dr. Shubham G. Devaiya


He is the founder of DentalFord and a board certified General dentist. He believes everyone should be aware of their health and putting this thought forward he initiated DentalFord.Com as a valuable source of health information.

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