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Are Teeth Bones?

Do you think teeth are considered bones? The answer is No. Teeth look like bone, but they’re not bone. Teeth are hard like bone and also have a high concentration of calcium and phosphorus. Both are hard substances in our body, but they differ in structure, healing and growth ability, and functions.

What Are Teeth Made of?

Teeth are made of hard and soft tissues. The outer layer is enamel, followed by dentin, the layer beneath the enamel. Cementum covers the root portion, and the innermost part of the tooth is called the pulp. Enamel is the hardest substance and is made up of hydroxyapatite mineral, which is a crystalline form of calcium phosphate.

Human teeth structure

Enamel, dentin, and cementum are hard tissues, while the pulp is a soft tissue that comprises blood vessels and nerves responsible for nutrition and sensation, respectively

Enamel, dentin, and cementum are hard tissues, while the pulp is a soft tissue comprising blood vessels and nerves responsible for nutrition and sensation.

Healing and Growth of Teeth

Teeth have limited healing or regenerative ability compared to bones. Once the enamel is damaged or the dentin is exposed due to tooth decay or injury, the natural repair process is minimal. While minor repairs can occur, such as the formation of secondary dentin, teeth cannot regenerate lost enamel or repair extensive damage on their own, as enamel is non-living tissue.

Functions of Teeth

  • Chewing
  • Speaking
  • Providing good smiles
Are Teeth Bones, Teeth vs Bones comparison informatics

What are Bones Made of?

Bones are made of collagen that mineralizes with calcium and phosphorus minerals, forming a hard bone with living cells embedded in a collagen matrix. They also contain blood vessels and nerves.

Human bones structure

Healing and Growth of Bones

Bones have the ability to regenerate and repair themselves to some extent. When a bone fractures, the body initiates a bone remodeling process, where new bone tissue is deposited to heal the fracture.

Functions of Bones

  • Structural stability of the body
  • Protection of the body
  • Storage of minerals
  • Production of red blood cells

So, teeth are not bones. I hope you get an idea about the differences between teeth and bones. You can share this information with your friends and family to make them aware. Don’t forget to like our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram.

Dr. Shubham G. Devaiya, BDS
Dr. Shubham G. Devaiya, BDS
Dr. Shubham G. Devaiya is a registered Dentist and Medical content writer. He owns DentalFord and publishes content related to Oral Health for Oral Health Awareness.


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