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When do Wisdom teeth need to be Removed

Wisdom teeth are 3rd molar teeth and the last teeth in the mouth. These teeth come in or erupt mainly between 17 to 25 years of age, average at 20. If these teeth erupt in the wrong position it becomes necessary to remove them.

When is the wisdom teeth need to be removed?

If these teeth erupt in a normal position then there’s no need for the tooth extraction, but in the following cases, it has become necessary to remove wisdom teeth.

Angulated Wisdom tooth
  • When the wisdom tooth is not fully erupted fully or partially covered with soft tissue, it causes food lodgement in-between tooth and soft tissue and may cause tooth decay (teeth caries or cavities) and infection of tooth-covered soft tissue also known as Pericoronitis.
  • When it has partially erupted and angulated buccally or palatally it may cause trauma to surrounding tissue.
  • When there’s a chance of damage to the inferior alveolar nerve by the impacted third molar or wisdom tooth.
  • Supraeruption of the wisdom tooth may cause trauma to tissue if there’s no opposite tooth.
  • When there’s a concern about periodontal health problems.
  • When an impacted (still in jaw bone, not erupted in the oral cavity) or partially erupted wisdom tooth puts pressure on or damages adjacent tooth or tooth root. Its movement causes pain.Wisdom tooth put pressure on adjacent tooth
  • In orthodontic treatment, when the requirement of retraction of 1st and 2nd molar, impacted third molar or wisdom tooth interferes with the treatment.

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When should you visit your Dentist for Wisdom teeth?

You should see your dentist for wisdom teeth in 3 conditions.

  • At the age of 16-20 years, to know the position of wisdom teeth. It is better to know early before wisdom teeth damage adjacent teeth or create complications.
  • When you have severe pain. Many people face this situation and wisdom tooth removal becomes necessary in such cases.
  • If you feel food accumulation near partially erupted wisdom teeth.

The dentist will check your wisdom tooth with a radiograph and let you know the appropriate treatment.

It is better to remove wisdom teeth at an early age (in-between 16-20 years) as the healing process is better, and it creates fewer complications.

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When there’s no need for Wisdom teeth removal?

When your wisdom teeth erupt in line or in the correct position without affecting adjacent teeth, and there’s no pain. In such situations, there’s no need for the removal of wisdom teeth.

I hope this informative article helps you to understand when wisdom tooth removal is required.

Dr. Shubham G. Devaiya, BDS
Dr. Shubham G. Devaiya, BDS
Dr. Shubham G. Devaiya is a registered Dentist and Medical content writer. He owns DentalFord and publishes content related to Oral Health for Oral Health Awareness.



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