Dr. Jenil Malaviya, BDS

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About Dr. Jenil Malaviya, BDS

Dr. Jenil Malaviya, who has a strong background in Dental surgery and healthcare management. He is enrolled at the University of Massachusetts to pursue an MS in healthcare management. Focused on detail and committed to excellence, Dr. Malaviya works with Dentalford in various roles, including Manager, article editor, reviewer, content advisor, and author. Aspiring to improve Oral health on a global level, Dr. Jenil Malaviya has ambitions of pursuing a DDS in the USA, targeting to leave an effective impact on Oral health awareness worldwide.


Expert in Clinical aspects of dentistry, Dental Office Administration, Patient counselling or education, Oral Health Education, and Health Content Writing.


  • Bachelor of Dental Surgery from Goenka Research Institute of Dental Science.
  • Currently pursuing MS in Healthcare Management from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, graduating in May 2024.

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