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Tooth Eruption Chart, Sequence, and Timeline Full Guide

What is Tooth eruption?

Tooth eruption, also known as teething is a process in which, a tooth emerge from gums in the oral cavity or mouth. The process of tooth eruption starts at the age of 6 months with primary teeth eruption. Permanent teeth then replace primary teeth at the age of 6-7 years. There are 4 types of teeth, Primary and permanent tooth eruption charts and timeline table with eruption age are given below.

Primary Teeth Eruption (baby teeth eruption)

In the baby teeth eruption (also known primary teeth eruption) timeline, primary tooth eruption starts with lower central incisors at the age of 6 years. Then, the upper central incisors and lateral incisors erupts followed by lower lateral incisors after a few weeks.

Baby Teeth Chart

Baby teeth chart with eruption sequence and timeline

After that, the upper 1st primary molars and lower 1st primary molar erupt followed by the upper and lower primary canine teeth. The lower and upper 2nd molar teeth are the last teeth that erupt in the primary dentition.

Primary Teeth Eruption Sequence Chart with Timeline

Teeth nameTooth Eruption ageShed
Mandibular central incisor6-10 months6-7 years
Maxillary central incisor8-12 months6-7 years
Maxillary lateral incisor9-13 months7-8 years
Mandibular lateral incisor10-16 months9-11 years
Maxillary 1st molar13-19 months10-12 years
Mandibular 1st molar14-18 months9-11 years
Maxillary canine16-22 months10-12 years
Mandibular canine17-23 months9-12 years
Mandibular 2nd molar23-31 months10-12 years
Maxillary 2nd molar25-33 months10-12 years
Maxillary teeth = Upper teeth, Mandibular teeth = Lower teeth ; Credit : ADA

The premolar and third molar teeth are not a part of the primary dentition for tooth eruption. Later, all these primary teeth will be replaced by permanent teeth.

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Permanent Teeth Eruption (adult teeth eruption)

Permanent dentition starts with the eruption of the lower 1st molar at age of 6-7 years followed by the upper 1st molar and lower central incisor teeth. After a few months, the eruption of the lower lateral incisor and upper central incisor starts followed by upper lateral incisor teeth.

After that, the lower canine, lower 1st premolar, upper 1st premolar, upper 2nd premolar, lower 2nd premolar, upper canine, lower 2nd molar, and upper 2nd molar erupts respectively.

3rd molar teeth or wisdom teeth are the last teeth that erupt in the human mouth or oral cavity.

Permanent Tooth Eruption Sequence with the Timeline

Teeth nameTooth Eruption age
Mandibular 1st molar6-7 years
Maxillary 1st molar6-7 years
Mandibular central incisor6-7 years
Mandibular lateral incisor7-8 years
Maxillary central incisor7-8 years
Maxillary lateral incisor8-9 years
Mandibular canine9-10 years
Mandibular 1st premolar10-12 years
Maxillary 1st premolar10-11 years
Maxillary 2nd premolar10-12 years
Mandibular 2nd premolar11-12 years
Maxillary canine11-12 years
Mandibular 2nd molar11-13 years
Maxillary 2nd molar12-13 years
Maxillary 3rd molar (Wisdom tooth)17-21 years
Mandibular 3rd molar (Wisdom tooth)17-21 years
Maxillary teeth = Upper teeth, Mandibular teeth = Lower teeth ; Credit : ADA
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